Southern Country Outlaws

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If you still haven’t heard of Southern Country Outlaws, you may be living under a rock. This amazing Country and Southern Rock band has been creating incredible music since 2017, and making quite a name all around the North Myrtle Beach area. With an ever growing fan base, Southern Country Outlaws is definitely the band you should be listening to at the moment. Check out the latest news, videos and show dates to learn more about these up and coming stars.



Just a little info on what we do and why

Looking to download the full bio, discography, and latest updates from Southern Country Outlaws? Look no further. Southern Country Outlaws is a media-savvy band that love to collaborate on a variety of projects, and are always on the lookout for the next challenge.


SoCo Band

The Band Everyone’s Talking About

Talk all ya want folks! Spread the word!! 2020 will belong to the Southern Country Outlaws!! Rockin' the Grand Strand since 2017 the "SoCo Band" continues to amaze crowds with their Classic and Modern County style mixed with Southern Rock in a way you've never imagined. They put the "ROCK" in Southern Rock for sure.  Playing venues from Carolina Beach, NC down to Charleston, SC they are the , "MUST SEE" band for 2020!! Don't miss your chance to catch them early in their path to stardom!

Straight out the Woods

Making Music is what we do, but who are we?

  The Southern County Outlaws Band was formed by a couple boys that just loved playing music and having fun. Over time we have had many changes, but that's just the way it is in music.

The band consist of Brent Atwood ~ Lead Vocals and rhythm guitar(sorta). Brent grew up playing drums and singing everything from Hip-Hop to Country. He has played shows with artist like NKOTB, Heavy D, Vanilla Ice, Boys to Men, all the way to Charlie Daniels, and Local Artist such as Trey Callawoy, Kevin Nickels, Leroy Harper, and Tim Elliot as well as Michael Allman.  His vocals are on point and he does it all with no digital assistance. 

   Next we have the one & only Joe Jesse "Magic Man" ~ on Lead Guitar and vocals. Not only is Joe a top rank Magician, but he's played guitar I think since he could He has had several bands of his own to include, Grand Stranded, 13th Paradox, and currently Smoke & Mirrors. We are blessed to have this rocker share his talent with the Outlaws!!

  Then we have Mr. Predice Hendricks "All Star" rockin' the Bass Guitar, back-up vocals, Mandolin, Banjo, and whatever else we need. Predice has played about everything you can, and does them all at top level. He has played everything from Heavy Metal guitar/bass to Jazz Bass/drums. If he can't play it, I'm not sure it can be done. He has played with artist such as Blackberry Smoke and Chase Rice, and yes...Vince Gill and Dime Bag!!! He also holds the patent for the coolest thing ever.... a whammy bar for Acoustic Guitars!! 

Last but certainly not least we have R.J. Dorsey, we call him "Thumper" ~ on the Drums, keeping us all together. R.J. is a rocking drummer with a soft side. He keeps the time and tempo for us to ROCK it OUT!!!

With well over 90 years playing total between us, in about every genre you can imagine there's nothing we can't play for you or that we'll at least try to play...LMAO

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